About Us

WHo are we?

Founded in1996, a diverse group of faith, labor, business and community leaders saw injustices happening in their community. Public officials and unofficial power brokers who make the key decisions weren’t prioritizing regular folks. Our founders asked, “Who stands up for the common citizen? When government and private sector decisions ignore the needs of the people, who will speak up for them?” The answer? Regular folks, acting collectively and using our VOICE. So, they organized, and VOICE-Buffalo was born.
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Our Values

We believe in the Power of Faith to unite rather than divide us; our diverse faith traditions call us to act together to improve our communities.

We believe in Justice. We work to eliminate bias in ourselves and in the systems that structure our way of life.

We believe in Equity. If we are to overcome systemic oppression, we must address individual needs.

We believe in Democracy. People should have a say in the decisions that affect them.

We believe in Inclusion. True democracy means that no one is left out.

We believe that Positive Change is Achievable.


Our Methodology

Relationship Building – we develop strong ties between individuals and within communities through common interests.

Collective Action – we work together to build grassroots local, regional, state-wide, and national mass movements.

Leadership Development – we challenge and empower ordinary people to take on leadership roles in the struggle.



Pastor John Sullivan – Board Chair
Deacon Jerome Wright – First Vice Chair
Jimmy Darby – Second Vice Chair
Dan Whalen – Treasurer
Dr. Sarah Smith – Board Secretary

Dr. Chris Manning
Dr. Andrew Marcum
Pastor Lee Miller
Pastor Kwame Pitts
Marianne Rathman
Zaida Rice
Michael Tritto
Dennis Walczyk
Shannon Johnson

Our Organizing Team

Whitney Walker
Executive Director

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Minister Denise O. Walden
Community Organizer

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Kartika Carr
IVE Lead Organizer

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Sarah Hunt Photo

Sarah Hunt
Internal Organizer

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