Brian Zralek, Organizer

Hello! My name is Brian Zralek. I am originally from Nashville, TN. I was raised by compassionate Catholic parents who instilled social justice and fairness as key values in my life. I count Portland, OR and Cincinnati, OH as additional hometowns. My travels in Nicaragua, my time in the Jesuit Volunteer Corps after college, and my experience organizing in Portland strengthened my belief in the power of relationship development. My previous career as a social worker, advocating for people experiencing poverty, hunger, and homelessness, exposed me to racial injustice and oppression and gave me some tools to fight the systems that perpetuate them.

My spouse and I moved to Buffalo in August, 2015 for my Community Organizing job with VOICE-Buffalo. Since that time, I have helped organize the Buffalo Immigrant Leadership Team (BILT). I also organize with the Accessibility Task Force. I am proud of the work the leaders of both of these groups are doing, and I am blessed to have the opportunity to work with them and support their efforts to transform their communities for the better.

To learn more about leadership, BILT, or the Accessibility Task Force, contact me at I’d love to connect!