Faith Leaders Caucus

Our faith leaders caucus is a interfaith space that includes; Men, Women, LGBTQA+, Christian, Catholic, Muslim, Agnostic, Spiritualist, and, Jewish voices. Our belief is that the core of who we are called to be causes pushes us into collective action. No matter your faith tradition, you have a seat here at the table. To build the bridge to get us all to freedom is linked through co-existing, acceptance and collaboration.

We practice the 4 stages within the theology of resistance. It starts with the encounter and is followed by disruption, re-imagining and prophetic action. We believe that we are all called by our moral guide to be prophets of the land. We are to collectively build the beloved community. In order to do it, we need everyone crying loud and sparing not. We are the Elisha’s, Dawud’s, and Jeremiah’s of Buffalo.
We welcome all to join our work.


1. Create a Justice Team
A Justice Team is a core team of members that work collectively to impact their church and community by:
    • Growing relationships with the community through outreach
    • Setting up a working team to address community needs through the congregation/institution
    • Creating a working pipeline between your organization and the community
Want to build a JT? Contact your organizer, Rev. Denise Walden, at or 716-465-2297
2. Come to the Next Caucus Meeting
Check out our events page by clicking here.