Jimmy Darby, Board Member

Jimmy L. Darby Jr. is currently a Restorative Justice Strategic Coordinator and has worked as a social justice mentor since 2005. Jimmy attended Sanford-Brown College in Minneapolis, MN where he earned his bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice in 2007. His career accomplishments include working with the Minneapolis Urban League, EJJ (Extended Juvenile Jurisdiction) with Hennepin/Ramsey County Community Corrections and Probation Department.

Through his current volunteer commitment to the Buffalo Peacemakers and the Emerging Leaders of Open Buffalo, Jimmy works to keep our community and its people safe and build a thriving living environment. His ability to work closely with many community organizations supporting peace programs throughout our communities and schools is a very effective and productive method utilized in the scope of community advocacy.

It is Jimmy’s ongoing and ever-present effort to find and implement alternatives to traditional discipline models in conjunction with restorative practice victim/offender mediation, peace circles and family group conferences to impact our community in a positive light. He is thrilled to be a new member of the VOICE-Buffalo Board of Directors.